Your vibe attracts your tribe– my yogi family!


I’m so happy you guys!  I found my community in San Diego!


The evening of Friday, September 16, 2016 was a special one for me.  It happened to be the night of a beautiful full moon, the Harvest moon, in the sign of Pisces (I’m a Pisces) and it was also a lunar eclipse.  It symbolized the end of something that’s intangible.  Imagine the energetic equivalence of the cool misty moments before dawn. On that night, I met my spiritual family.  We all partook in a beautiful ceremony that set us on the path of a spiritual journey together.  I feel as if every moment I’ve lived up until now is meant to lead me to this point, to be in this location, on this night.  That is when I knew, yes, I am on the right path.

I will try my best to describe my favorite parts:

We all formed a giant circle with our mats.  We did multiple rounds of vinyasa and crescent lunges, and every time we swan dived into a forward pull and pulled up halfway, we deliberately looked across the room to find someone to make eye contact with– and then we smiled.  We looked each every person’s eyes and into their souls.

We may have been strangers an hour ago, but not anymore. We were one and the same, just kind spirits practicing how to master our light.  We also each got a taste of being a teacher, each person having a turn in giving instructions for a vinyasa.

Under the studio’s dim orange lights, the vibrations of our unified chants danced with the fragrance of palo santo.  We received our mala beads, which I know we will all treasure for life.  Lastly, we took the time to hug every person in the room.  Not your weak half-ass hugs.  I’m talking about hugging your best friend kind of hugs.  I am forever a hugger now!  Then we became the Chandra Kula tribe.  Chandra meaning moon.  Kula meaning spiritual community.

My yogi family <3

This past weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, I took 2 yoga classes back to back, followed by a full afternoon of learning.  I’ve never taken this much yoga in my life!  It was long but it was probably the best weekend I’ve ever had.  I loved every second of learning.  We all bonded over deep discussions.  We created a safe atmosphere to share our stories, journey and to be vulnerable.  We practiced holding space for each other to express ourselves.  I’m so happy I got the opportunity to bond with a few of my tribemates already and I cannot wait to get to know everyone else!  I cannot freaking wait until next weekend!

Thank you all for following my journey!


feel free to share your thoughts :)