What are Spirit Animals, Shadow Animals and Totems?

Let’s talk about spirit animals.    They’re a great meditation tool for you to understand more about yourself, your fears and your habits.

If you ask a regular layperson what their spirit animal is, it is likely he/she will choose his favorite animal.   Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose your spirit animal.  It chooses you.

What is a spirit animal?   It is the animal that resonates most with your spirit energy and your soul purpose.  According to Native Americans, it is the animal that you will transform into if you were to shapeshift.

I personally cannot shapeshift.  haha!  Perhaps there are spiritual beings who can with their consciousness when they have an out of body experience.

But I can tell you what my spirit animal is:

It’s the hummingbird.

I did not choose the hummingbird.  I see them often because they reveal themselves to me.  Not too often, but when I’m alone, especially when I’m in a difficult mental place or super happy one, I see hummingbirds.  Words that resonate with the hummingbirds are: sweet, nectar, high energy, happiness, freedom, beauty.  These words resonate with me.  I love movement.  I love the dance.  I love how hummingbirds can go super fast and stop in mid-flight as if it can freeze time to appreciate its surroundings.  It is a such a fascinating spirit animal.  Right after my fiance proposed to me, I saw a hummingbird.

How do I use this spirit animal in my daily life?   I focus my attention  on the sweetness, beauty and abundance in all forms of life around me.  I learned to catch my thoughts that are flying a million miles an hour and pause.  I learned to listen for birds whenever I’m out.  I learned that I love movement and movement is my medicine, whether it is working out, doing yoga or dancing.  All animals are different, just like all humans are different.  Some require more sunlight than others, some require more movement, some require more privacy.  Understanding your spirit animal can help you understand your own needs and optimal conditions for you to be happy.

In addition to having a spirit animal, you also have a shadow animal.

Your shadow animal is the one you fear the most and find it absolutely horrifying and disgusting.  It’s the animal you see you your nightmares.  It has also revealed itself to me:  it is the spider.   It’s actually a very common shadow animal.

I dream frequently about spiders and sometimes I wake up screaming.  Supposedly being pregnant also gives you vivid dreams.  I also see them in real life.

Why do I hate spiders?  It’s ugly, scary, unpredictable and it can be anywhere– just plain creepy.  In order to overcome your shadow animal, you have to conquer it in your dreams.  I was actually close to doing that.  I was able to look at it closely in my dream without freaking out.  In most dreams, they are usually flying at me.

So what does the spider represent?  It represents the feminine, creativity, patience, language, design.   In order for me to conquer it, I need to overcome all the ugliness I find in the spider by accepting it in me.  By refusing to own the ugliness in me, I cannot tap into the creative powers of the spider.  Can I find a way to appreciate the spiders’ mastery of web design, the effortlessness in creating beauty and its resilience?  That is the spider energy.  Even though my natural soul energy is a hummingbird, I need to become a spider.

Ew, I know.

Last night I saw a spider at home.  I watched it float.  How great would it be if I can harness that same creativity and patience, without a doubt that I will catch something in my web.  How great it would be to create the reality I want.

Another kind of spirit animal is called a spirit totem.  That is your protector animal.  And obviously for those who know me, it is the cat.  My cat is my best friend and my protector.  It’s the animal that gets you, and can see into your soul for who you are.

If you have no clue what your animals are, do not worry, if you set an intention for the universe to reveal them to you, they surely will!

Let me know in the comments what you think is your spirit animal, your shadow animal and your totem animal and why!  🙂

Thanks for reading!



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