Weekend cat fun!


The weather was amazing this past weekend so I thought it would be a great idea to take my cat, Meeyore on a walk.  I rescued Meeyore from the streets, so naturally, she’s not afraid of the outdoors.

Except, she hated the leash. The leash wasn’t too tight or anything and she kept very low towards the ground.  She wouldn’t budge and I gave up.  One day… just you wait.


cat on leash
“can we please go back in now?”


cat in box
“I prefer this box!”


cat in box 2
“All about this chill life.”


I wanted to take Meeyore here!  We found an empty pier/ park in South San Francisco!  She would have enjoyed it!  The bf and I took a nice, relaxing stroll here by ourselves instead.  It’s a great area for fishing and bbq too with plenty of parking!


Not a fashionista, but I still enjoy photoshoots!  Haha! #ootd #nike #flyknit  



rocky piers
margarita on the rocks 🙂

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