Valentine’s Day Weekend in Los Angeles


I had the best Valentine’s Day/ President’s Day weekend ever!  My boyfriend and I were dying to go on an adventure outside of the Bay area so we decided to go to LA for weekend getaway!  We’ve been LA many times and we love the culture there.  We especially love the Asian food and crazy aggressive drivers!  LA is so spread out and there’s so much to do!  We stayed around Hacienda Heights and we love it there!  It was 90 degrees in LA in February!

I’ve always wanted to go to a shooting range so we decided to spend Valentine’s Day playing with guns.   My boyfriend, a former marine was SO FREAKING GOOD!  His precision was amazing.  He was also such a very good teacher and taught me in a way that made me feel safe.   (I’m a scaredy cat!)  It was the best date ever, I loved seeing him absorbed in action.  We haven’t had this much fun together in a while!

shooting range
Me being a bad ass
holding target paper
All headshots by my boyfriend, everywhere else was by me!

After shooting, we went to watch DEADPOOL!  It was freaking hilarious!  Too bad my hearing is kinda bad and I couldn’t hear all the jokes completely.  It was our first time watching a movie in LA and the audience was rowdy!  After the movies, we had GEN Korean BBQ.  It’s a chain in L.A. and it did not disappoint.  $20 for all you can eat was a crazy good deal!  I didn’t have to stuff myself and I really enjoyed the atmosphere!  So lounge-y and the staff was super nice.

korean bbq
There he is, putting meat on the grill in the sexiest way possible
korean bbq grill
Is this making you hungry?
thin pork korean bbq
don’t drool on my blog!

We were so tired from all these activities that we knocked out right when we got back to our hotel.  I was so so so happy!

The next day, this happened at the hotel pool.  IT WAS FREEZING! Not normal pool water cold, but literally FREEZING!  I came out after 5 seconds. HAHA!

in the freezing pool
worse idea ever

Then we went over to Arcadia to have the infamous Shanghai soup dumplings!

the wait was outrageous!

So we walked around and found a Vietnamese bubble tea shop 🙂

We totally almost forgot to take a picture together!


xiao long bao
Din Tai Fung Shanghai soup dumplings (pork)
dai tin fung dumplings
so happy to be seated after an hour wait!

Honestly, the dumplings were a bit overrated.  Joe’s Shanghai in NYC is so much better!  Then again, I have a lot of emotions attached to Joe’s Shanghai because it’s my go-to spot back home.  The fried pork chops here were really good though!  (not pictured, we devoured it!)

We spent the majority of the day driving around, exploring neighborhoods and visiting a friend.  For dinner, we had sushi!

sushi martini
The best all you can eat sushi ever
My go to sushi order
sushi martini baked sushi
Baked sushi- Volcano and Tsunami. It was freaking delicious!

I am so grateful and I feel so lucky to be loved by such a wonderful guy!  I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. Wow! You seem like you had a blast! I am soooo happy for you 😊 I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I was reading this post! Love reading about your adventures 😁😁

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