Vacation stories and life updates!

I was on vacation from June 23- July 4, returning to the office today, July 5.

It’s been a crazy, exhilarating, life changing two weeks of absolute freedom.  Stay tune until the end.  I went back home to New York for a few days and reunited with my boyfriend (and cat!) for a mini vacation in San Diego during the last week.

My baby sister graduated high school and I am so proud of her.  Like me, she’s very stubborn and independent.  She’s very hardworking and very responsible.  She can hold longer jobs than me when I was her age.  She is outspoken and apologetically rude sometimes but hopefully she’ll refine that aspect into one of grace and confidence.  She’s about to get her driver’s license and I can’t wait for her to come visit me in the west coast again!  I also took my entire family out to dinner to celebrate!  WOOHOO!

Me and my sister


My beautiful family

My boyfriend and cat picked me up from San Diego airport and we went to check into our motel right away.  Kitty was so scared!  She hid under the bed for hours.  She also didn’t eat or drink for a full day.  I felt very bad about her stress.  Thankfully, she got more comfortable and did some mini exploring around the room.  She started eating again after 2 days.

On our 2nd night, we thought she escaped!  We woke up and she was nowhere to be found.  I thought one of us sleep walked and had let her out.  Turns out she was under the bed but in the box frame!!!  Stupid kitty!  Then she found it hilarious to hide from us.  We had to take the mattress off the bed and put it on the floor.  We had the bed frame against one of the walls.  The things we do to accommodate the cat.  We didn’t bring her out out with us, we made sure we had a do not disturb sign on the door the whole time so the cleaning lady wouldn’t accidentally let her out.

One time, I almost sat on her because she was completely under the covers and she never did that at home before!  Silly cat!   We also had to take her to the vet because one of her eyes turned cloudy and I got very worried.  She’s much better now.  Poor kitty!

man's best friend
motel cuddling with kitty

I love San Diego.  I associate this beautiful city with beaches, sunsets and freedom.  While San Francisco is also an amazing city, it’s a bit too contained for me, the weather a bit too unpredictable and windy and it never really feels like the hot summer that I really love.  I rarely wear shorts in the Bay Area, and I loved loved loved wearing shorts everyday in San Diego.  That’s the real me, rocking my toned and tanned legs.

San Diego has the best of both worlds.  The attractions are still centered but still spread out enough.  The beaches are the absolute best!!  It’s a place you can truly be yourself.

IMG-20160705-WA0001 IMG-20160705-WA0003 IMG-20160705-WA0002

And finally– if you are still reading this– my boyfriend and I found a place in San Diego and we’re going to move in towards the August!!!


We went to a couple of places and found a 2 bedroom that’s perfect for us.  Other than the carpeted living room, we are very happy.  We’ll have a pool and a jacuzzi! And just 15 minutes from the beach!  10 minutes from the gym I want to work at and 12 minutes from the nearest Trader Joe’s!  I have a good friend who lives nearby too!  And my boyfriend have lots of friends there.  I’m so freaking excited.

The entire time we were in San Diego, I feel like we were living our future selves in our current bodies.  Without a concern for where we need to be every few hours, (you know, typical vacation stress) we just enjoyed the sunshine, amazing food and freedom.  We checked out some cool bookstores, local artsy stores and we even got massages.  We had Japanese food, Hawaiian food, Thai food, Mexican food, Vietnamese food.  OMG they were all so freaking good!  (Follow me on snapchat for good eats: margecake)

We honestly knew we would find a place, like without a doubt in our hearts.  We have talked about it for a while and we knew it was time.  I don’t have a job lined up yet but I’m confident that the opportunities will manifest itself.  I have myself and it’s more than enough.  Way more than enough because this time around, I’m my own best friend. 🙂 I cannot wait!

I didn’t blog my entire experience about my move from NYC to SF, but I will do my best to blog my journey this time!

Thanks for reading and following me on my journey this far!  Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below!




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