Thoughts on everyone getting engaged and the ring

Another friend got engaged!  Then a bunch of crazy thoughts overwhelmed me and I felt compelled to text my bff, whom I trust with all my deepest thoughts and secrets.

I’m the worst when it comes to texting because I wind up consoling myself before the person even replies and it just becomes LOL.

thoughts on engagement
real story.

Call me naive, but I believe in true love, unconditional love.  I don’t buy into the whole engagement ring, “diamond is forever” culture.  Does my future husband love me any less if he didn’t spend at least 3 months of his salary on a ring?  Does a big rock mean that divorce is out of the picture?

When I shared my convictions to a horrible former friend of mine she literally said, “You’re not going to marry rich but you deserve one that’s at least 10k.  Why do you dream so small?” — that was the most shocking and hurtful thing I’ve ever heard.  She didn’t even know and probably never will.  But I wasn’t going to try to tell her my point of view, she wouldn’t understand.  As unbelievable as it sounds, I actually just let that comment slide.  It’s not that I think my future husband can’t afford it.  To me, marriage is more of a spiritual ritual than it is a legally binding agreement.  It’s just not how I want our love to be represented.  There is nothing wrong with wanting a big rock either.  They look awesome!  I can’t stop staring.  It’s just not my personal preference.

However, I do love jewelry, especially handmade ones 🙂  I would like to have a local artisan with an etsy shop make mine (when time comes).  The idea of a person hammering away, sweating profusely in her workshop studio just makes me so happy.  That image sounded awful, but you know what I mean!  Someone who was totally at bliss, totally in the flow of living her art.  I want that.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on everyone getting engaged and the ring

  1. I absolutely agree with your thought on the marketing of diamond rings. I do see many people (including myself) buying into it. For a piece of rock that is not actually rare, it sure cost a lot. However, like you said, I can’t help but stare at them.
    It makes me very happy to see you not conform to the idea of it. Don’t worry about what other people say & the path they take. Do things at your own pace & whatever makes you comfortable. People love you for the way you are. <3 Wishing you the best.

  2. I don’t want a big rock for my engagement ring either, for the reasons you stated and because of blood diamonds. I wouldn’t want the slightest possibility of fueling conflicts in another region of the world.

    1. thanks for stopping by Janice! Brilliant earth is known for their conflict free diamonds. I also adore singlebbeautiful’s etsy shop, she is also environmentally conscious.

      1. That Etsy shop’s jewelry is beautiful! I joke that my future fiance should just give me the money and I’ll tattoo a ring on my finger. 😀 And then the money can go towards a down payment on a house or something.

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