The Revanant- my thoughts on the movie

Set in the 1820’s, The Revanant is story of survival and revenge that also depicts the conflicts between early European settlers and the Native Americans.

revanant movie poster

Considering how Leonardo DiCaprio had little to no lines throughout this whole movie, his acting was superb. While the average viewer may never experience the true meaning of fighting for survival, what makes this film amazing is Leo’s display of emotions and vulnerability. The cinematography was absolutely stunning as well. The director, Alejandro González Iñárritu does an amazing job. However, I thought the dialogues were too difficult to hear clearly. I also thought the movie was a bit too long, 156 minutes.

The viewers may be taken back by the barbarity yet equally moved by the beauty of nature in the backdrop. There are a lot of stark contrasting aspects and irony that this movie conveys artistically. Nature is so beautiful yet so wet, cold and merciless. The carcass of a horse served as a shelter to nurture life. Leo’s Native American friend, slaughtered by the French officers was left hanging with a sign on him that said “savage”. I thought everything was beautifully done.

I love movies because it gives me a perspective of life other than my own. No matter how big your ego is or how important you think you are, you’re just another life to Mother Nature. It’s a reminder of how removed from nature humans have become (at least in modernized countries), how we worry so much about nothing when we already have everything to survive and how silly it is that hiking is the main activity people do in order to experience nature. In terms of how humanity have progressed, in other parts of the world, barbaric acts of violence, destruction and massacres still occur at this level or worse. We just don’t see it.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, not only because of his acting skills. He is a huge environmentalist who uses his fame to raise awareness about climate change, endangered animals, exploitation of indigenous people. I also care deeply about these issues.

On a side note: There was one point in my life when I was only a few feet away from him but he hurried away and I lost my chance. Or he lost his chance because according to our horoscopes, we are actually a perfect match. =D

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