The mighty Yosemite and the very small me

I cannot believe how fortunate I am to live such a short distance (3-4 hours), from Yosemite, the greatest national park in America!  I got upsold and purchased the National Park annual pass so I am planning to visit all the ones on the West Coast- all the ones in California and Nevada at least within this year!

If you’ve never been to Yosemite, it’ll be very hard for you to imagine the vastness of it.  I thought two days would be enough, but I wished I had more time.  A lot of time was spent driving from point A to B because it was just that big.  The drive was very scenic.  F loved it, his favorite part was cruising along the mountains.


Scenic drives

Day 1 was spent in the Valley.  We arrived around 2pm and after eating, it was more like 3pm (after eating) when we began our day.  It was still plenty enough time to play.

The Valley

We hiked to Vernal Falls and skipped on these rocks along the way.


Vernal Fall bridge

Day 2 was spent on Tioga Road (more north) and we went to Tuolumne Meadows, the other end of Yosemite.

Tioga Road
Tioga Road view

The mini hike at Olmstead Point was super fun!

Hike to Olmstead Point overlook
REAL hiking!
View of Half Dome from Olmstead Point

My favorite part was Tanaya Lake along the Tioga Road.  I wished I had at least half a day to just hang out there.  It was the most scenic spot of them all!!!

Tanaya Lake
Tanaya Lake

I would’ve loved to do some yoga poses and relax with a really good book.  I felt like I entered a painting here!

Obligatory couple pic:

F: Are you trying to lead us off a cliff?!

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    1. yes! I think you’d be interested in the Half Dome hike. That’s most challenging one that you need a permit for. You’ll be using ropes and stuff! Takes like 10 hours, I’ll pass on this lol.

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