Learning From My Pregnancy Symptoms- Metaphysical reasons

Hello friends! I am currently in my 26th week of pregnancy, which is a little over 6 months, and approximately 2 weeks before I begin my third trimester.  To me, pregnancy is a highly spiritual time in my life because it’s a time of transition.  It’s a time to say goodbye to my maidenhood phase Read More


SF SomArts Cultural Center: The Black Woman is God exhibition

I had a fantastic time at this art exhibition that took place on Saturday, July 23. I danced to the jazzy rhythms.  I couldn’t help myself but to sway to the beat of the drums.  I was moved by the powerful lyrics and poetry.  I went into a booth and in it, I recorded a Read More


My feminism

I’m currently reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.  Her personal essays offer a fresh new take on feminism that have opened my eyes to the label of a “feminist” and everything that word embodies.  Her bravery to embrace this label urged me to re-examine my own feminism. Feminism is not only the women’s movement towards an better world of gender Read More


My thoughts on Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix

I started the Netflix documentary series, Chelsea Does…  beginning with her episode on marriage and I found her utterly annoying, rude and arrogant.  I think she’s a funny comedian, totally hot, totally admirable for being vulnerable.  Here’s what I think her problem is: It’s not that men dislike or feel intimidated by successful, high earning income Read More