smiling at ease

Rollerblading VLOG + behind the scenes photos

Hello friends, For those who follow me on snapchat (username: margecake) or instagram (@margecake) would know that I’ve picked up a new hobby– ROLLERBLADING! (I have a youtube video of me unboxing my rollerblades here and a recent vlog of me rollerblading by the beach: They say Pisces rule the feet and I finally understand Read More

Building a round booty

Leg workout + shopping for glasses in San Francisco

I’ve been struggling to find motivation to work out at home and recording it and creating a video out of my workouts have really helped me get back on track!  Let me know what you would like to see more of! Please subscribe guys!  And if you liked it, please give it a thumbs up! xoxo, Margaret


Exploring San Diego, CA

Hello! I had one of the best weekends of my life!  In my opinion, San Diego is the closest place to paradise in the US.  The beaches, friendliness of people, lifestyle, geography, Mexican food–it’s the best.  My favorite moments were driving around the beach neighborhoods, admiring all the houses and rows and rows of endless palm trees. Read More


The Revanant- my thoughts on the movie

Set in the 1820’s, The Revanant is story of survival and revenge that also depicts the conflicts between early European settlers and the Native Americans. Considering how Leonardo DiCaprio had little to no lines throughout this whole movie, his acting was superb. While the average viewer may never experience the true meaning of fighting for Read More