Rewriting my story

What story have you been telling yourself?  What if you can rewrite it?  What if your perception of your life is exactly the thing that’s preventing you from moving towards living the life you actually want?  Today I felt inspired to rewrite my whole life, reframing my experiences 🙂  I no longer want to be Read More


Quitting my job and surrendering my control

Happy Friday! I submitted my 2 weeks notice last week, Wednesday, August 3.  My last day is next Wednesday, August 17.  The act of quitting was very difficult for me.  I am not good at disturbing the peace.  I value harmony.  Probably because I try my best to make sure everyone maintains a good version Read More


SF SomArts Cultural Center: The Black Woman is God exhibition

I had a fantastic time at this art exhibition that took place on Saturday, July 23. I danced to the jazzy rhythms.  I couldn’t help myself but to sway to the beat of the drums.  I was moved by the powerful lyrics and poetry.  I went into a booth and in it, I recorded a Read More