Why Do I Feel Lost? How to Heal From Depression? -answering your questions

Hi everyone, Welcome back to my blog!  I know it’s Monday and Mondays aren’t easy.  Last night someone asked me a question about meditation and how he can use it to get out of depression. He  feels lost and unhappy. I am no stranger to depression.  In fact, it is my constant struggle to make Read More


On loneliness and healing

My boyfriend is out of town and I was home alone yesterday evening.  I worked out.  It was a good workout.  Slightly out of breath and super sweaty, I gulped down the entire glass of water.  I placed the cup on the table and looked around me.  Nobody was home.  It’s times like these when I have nobody Read More

It's okay not to be okay

2 years in the San Francisco Bay Area

For the next posts, I would like to dedicate my blog to reflect on what I’ve learned since moving to California.  I’ve been busy at work, editing videos, etc.–that I’ve neglected my blog.  I’ve learned to steer clear of journal entry kind of posts, however, I believe my experiences can be inspirational to some people going through Read More