Exploring San Diego, CA

Hello! I had one of the best weekends of my life! ¬†In my opinion, San Diego is the closest¬†place¬†to paradise in the US. ¬†The beaches, friendliness of people, lifestyle, geography, Mexican food–it’s the best. ¬†My favorite moments were driving around the beach neighborhoods, admiring all the houses and rows and rows of endless palm trees. Read More


Valentine’s Day Weekend in Los Angeles

Hello! I had the best Valentine’s Day/ President’s Day weekend ever! ¬†My¬†boyfriend and I were dying to¬†go on an adventure outside of the Bay area¬†so we decided to go¬†to LA for weekend getaway! ¬†We’ve been LA many times and we love the culture there. ¬†We especially love the Asian food and crazy aggressive drivers! ¬†LA Read More