Superbowl weekend


Did you guys catch the Superbowl?  I did!  I enjoy watching the Superbowl but I don’t really follow football.  I thought this year’s was kind of boring, at least during the first half because I actually fell asleep after the Halftime so I can’t speak for that!  I thought the Halftime was amazing!  These pictures pretty much sum up my weekend!

me and cat
Cat was not impressed with the shouting
cat sleeping on me
Life is good

A few months ago, I took on gardening!  I have a huge backyard and I wanted to turn into a field of wildflowers.  The boyfriend stepped out for a few hours and I found myself incredibly bored and I didn’t want to get dressed to go out.  I went out to my backyard to check on my flowers.  Right now, the weeds are winning but I found some small surprises 🙂

me with the hoe
Back in Fall 2015.
hoeing the weeds
This is hard labor, y’all!
white flower
So happy to see little buds!
purple buds
so pretty!

I spent a good amount of time looking for flowering buds and I’m so happy to find these resilient ones.  I also cleared some of the weed around it so they can get some sunlight and not have to compete too much for soil nutrients.

Oh! and Happy New Year!!!

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