SF SomArts Cultural Center: The Black Woman is God exhibition

I had a fantastic time at this art exhibition that took place on Saturday, July 23.

I danced to the jazzy rhythms.  I couldn’t help myself but to sway to the beat of the drums.  I was moved by the powerful lyrics and poetry.  I went into a booth and in it, I recorded a little message to my inner child.  There were florescent artworks that shined brightly in the dark.  What is dark, but only an absence of light?

There were many little sanctuaries of worship, with portraits of beautiful black women hung at high heights.  It does not command obedience nor approval, instead it showers you with compassion and understanding.  Be you, you are okay, she appears to be thinking.  I was confronted by unabashed portraits that depicted nudity, fertility and unconventional beauty.  The women in the artwork were not merely objects of desire and appreciation, they were the subjects of their own space and body.  I was more than a visitor, I was a participant of the feminine awakening.   I absolutely loved it all.

I only took a few pictures because I was totally living in the moment!

We're all just colors
We’re all just colors
sorry about the blur! Still a pretty cool piece, nonetheless
This was me all along! 🙂


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