SF beer x pizza

About last night…  It was Wednesday and I had a girls’ night out!  We hit town after work to join in on the San Francisco Beer Week festivities.  We went to Slice House on 2nd Street, where Holy Craft Brewery teamed up with the infamous Tony Gemignani’s pizza!

Here’s the baby they produced:

picture of pizza
PIZZA PORN! Slice House on 2nd St. San Francisco

The drizzle sauce is made from Holy Craft beer reduction and it added such a sweet bite (but not overwhelmingly sweet) to the bacon and sausages on the pizza.  It was a bit pricey!  But not bad to share on a casual night out 🙂

pizza event poster
This is the event poster and pizza description

I met the CEO of Holy Craft Beer, who is an extremely chill, surprising young guy!  We chatted about beer and he has such extensive knowledge and knows how to talk beer.  Holy Craft beer was actually super light and airy, not too sweet, not too bubbly and very smooth!  I believed he said it was 8% which was hard to believe!  And then he gave me a halo! But between me and you, I only appear angelic! haha!

me wearing halo
I promise to behave myself 🙂
beer and halo pic
hehe, looking silly but not yet drunk.


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