San Diego Wanderlust 108

Today was a gorgeous, sunny day, a typical Saturday in San Diego.  My good friend, Cindy drove down from LA to accompany me to San Diego Wanderlust 108!  I have not seen Cindy in years and I could not wait to spend this weekend together.  She is a budding entrepreneur in the holistic health industry, looking to expand her knowledge, while I am here to do yoga with hundreds of people!   We were ready to downdog and roll!

Our uber dropped us off a bit further than he needed to so we trekked our way across the grassy field, carrying our yoga mats in our arms.  As we approached, we heard the music get louder.   Then we saw an entire open field filled with colorful yoga mats!  These are my people!

After placing our mats down, we went to explore the vendors.  We got free samples of protein bars, juices, yogurt and more juices!  I especially enjoyed the ginger shot.

We had quite some time left before the main yoga events, so we took a bunch of pictures!

I’m a purple tree!

so many yogis!

rocking my free bandana!

The main yoga event was phenomenal!  We were instructed to make eye contact and to smile at our neighbors and I loveeeeed doing that!  What an incredible feeling it was to see into someone, to be vulnerable, to know that they’re just like me.   After all, we all desire to be accepted and to be loved exactly as we are.   We’re just all living our lives in the best way that we know how.

Everybody got their yogi freak on and let loose and it was just amazing to be able to share this experience with so many like-minded people.  There were plenty of dancing and groovy asanas, such as snapping our fingers and clapping our hands while standing strong  in warrior 1.  I  would love to teach at a wanderlust yoga festival one day!  I want to teach my yoga.   The teachers were amazing and inspiring!   I can get there too!

clearly someone was not paying attention!


thousand buddhas + me

I will remember this day dearly because I felt so connected to  my people.  It was an incredible feeling, as a few hundred people linked up and held each other’s backs.  As we all leaned back, we opened up our hearts and I felt their wobbliness.  I felt their effort.  I felt supported.  I can support others despite my own wobbliness.   I sent my love into my palms and into the backs of my neighbors.  I felt their compassion entering me from the back of my own heart too.  Today, a few hundred of us became one and it was beautiful.

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