Rollerblading VLOG + behind the scenes photos

Hello friends,

For those who follow me on snapchat (username: margecake) or instagram (@margecake) would know that I’ve picked up a new hobby– ROLLERBLADING!

(I have a youtube video of me unboxing my rollerblades here and a recent vlog of me rollerblading by the beach:

They say Pisces rule the feet and I finally understand why!  I personally love physical activities because it helps channel all of my mental energy into my body.  It’s a great release!  I love rollerblading because it teaches me how to trust my body and to live in it and to not abandon it.  While yoga teaches me how to listen without being judgmental of my thoughts, question and challenge my existing beliefs, roller blading teaches me how to play!  I’ve learned so much about myself from rollerblading, it’s almost like learning to become a friend to my inner child.

Do you feel that way when you’re doing a physical activity that you like? Or is it just me?

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I found a new trail by San Bruno.  It runs along a river and across from it, you can see gorgeous mountains.  We were like kids again.  We cruised along the path with a few pedestrians and cyclists.  It was a very quiet trail, a great gem!  He hopped off his longboard and held my hand on steep downhills.  Uphills are easier than downhills for me!  I’m a freaking unstoppable force on downhills (haha that’s a better way of describing myself than noob.)  I cannot wait to get better at this and learn tricks!

Franklin took lots of photos of me because I asked him to lol!  I would love to be a fitness model that’s completely following my own standards for fitness and beauty, what it means to me be fit and beautiful.  I am all about doing actions from a place of self love, not because you think you “should”.  I want to inspire others to be brave and confident in their own bodies.

Here are some pictures, we had lots of fun and it was quite dangerous to pose on wheels!  None of these have been retouched!  Bf is not a photographer and neither am I, but I’m super pleased!  Thanks for reading!  You guys are the best!

this is my favorite because of my hair!
this was super dangerous! haha

DSC01306 DSC01335 DSC01342 DSC01372 DSC01315

Which is your favorite?!

feel free to share your thoughts :)