Rewriting my story

What story have you been telling yourself?  What if you can rewrite it?  What if your perception of your life is exactly the thing that’s preventing you from moving towards living the life you actually want?  Today I felt inspired to rewrite my whole life, reframing my experiences 🙂  I no longer want to be a victim in some of my experiences.  I no longer want to justify all of my “flaws” for the sake of pleasing my ego’s need to believe I am a good person.  May my story inspire you to rewrite yours too!

Story of Margaret Tang

Where do we even begin telling the story of Margaret Tang?  She was born into a family of love and abundance.  Her mother was talented in the art of sewing and cooking.  Her father was talented in cooking.  The birth of Margaret was a joy to her parents.  They were so delighted with how beautiful their daughter is, that they created 3 more children after her.  They are named Jacky, a strong, entrepreneurial son, Aaron, the creative son and another beautiful daughter, Julie the one with the most caring soul.

Margaret had an abundant of toys, from Barbie dolls to sailor moons.  She loved them so so much.  Her uncle, the king of abundance had gifted them to her, just because she was awesome.  She even got a Barbie house that she wanted to house all her Barbie’s and Sailor Moon.  Together, her Barbies and Sailor Moon dolls had a fantastic time, getting to know each other’s powers and going on adventures.  Margaret was a wild child and even in her adulthood, she never lost her wilderness.  Growing up she never had to worry about food or clothes or companionship.  She was a blessed child.

Margaret loved running and being active.  She loved the wind.  She loved the open space.  She loved the hot hot sun.  She loved sweating.  As a child, she was already exercising before bed, ending the evening with her strong legs up against the wall as she laid in her top bunk bed.

She also received a lot of new clothes.  She even had a pet turtle for a while, whom she adored.  She had access to a plethora of books that she spent hours reading, quietly enriching her imagination and her ability to live many lives in many different cities and countries.  At the end of the day, Margaret dreamt sweet dreams of living in faraway lands and having a real-life Barbie house.

Margaret made so many friends in her life.  Not just acquaintances, but true lifelong friends. SO many that she can call them all her best friends.  Margaret was blessed beyond her wildest dreams to have such amazing friends.

Margaret was also abundant in suitors and lovers.  While most searched their whole lives for that special someone, Margaret had met multiple soul mates and with her heart full of love and ready for expansion, she let them go.  Never did she live in fear of loss, but she lives truly by following her heart, knowing when it was time to move on.

Margaret had many opportunities in her life.  She attended a prestigious women’s college in which she learned so much from her inspiring professors and other women colleagues.  She had the opportunity to live in Japan and learn the people’s language and culture.  She had a variety of opportunities, while not all of them were fulfilling, they were opportunities nonetheless and from each of them, she picked up valuable lessons of who she wasn’t and with great courage and unshakable she said NO and moved on.

Just as she planned, she left home before the age of 25.  Somehow the universe called her to California, in which she was given the chance to completely reinvent herself.  The universe provided her with shelter, a job and a car.  Then finally universe sent a cat into her life when she was at her lowest.  And she was so happy.  After 2 years of living in isolation, she began to hear her own voice grow louder and louder and she was awakened.  She realized everything she had ever seek was within her and that striving for anything external is pointless.  She gathered all her courage to pursue what she loved so much as child, moving around and teaching others how to do it.

She was ready to leave her isolation and journey to a sunnier place.  The universe once again surprised her with a darling gift.   Margaret became pregnant with her first child.  A son!

Somehow the universe always provided Margaret with everything she needed.  Even the bad experiences, because she could transmute the negatives into positives.  In a way, she is like Sailor Moon.

Everyday Margaret is surrounded by her cat’s fur, her abundance of comfy clothing and furniture, an abundance of unwashed cups because she has so many and books.  She is part of a loving yoga community and fitness community and most recently access to a whole miu thai studio that she can jump around and kick all the punching bags she wants.  Margaret has so many thoughts in her mind that sometimes it paralyzes her and she needs to learn patience with herself.  Margaret is using all the wealth of her knowledge to let go and allow the natural flow of life unravel through her.

A plant never rushes to blossom, she would tell her herself.  Human bodies are a part of nature, it intuitively knows how to create life, just like the way everything is effortless in nature.  Margaret is finally surrendering and allowing life to live through her because she is a beloved daughter of the universe.


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