Rainy Friday evening ramblings

It’s a rainy Friday.  It has been raining for the past two weeks in the Bay Area, meanwhile my friends in New York are enjoying t-shirt and shorts weather.

I’m about to get off work and I found myself googling:

What to do on a rainy Friday night by myself?

Does that seem a little sad to you?  I shrug that thought away, who cares what you think or what people think.  It’s a bloody rainy day.  It’s windy and cold.  I’m craving korean soup.

Today is a happy day.  I went to work.  I enjoyed the pasta and sausage I brought for lunch.  I enjoyed the free coffee I got from my good buddy who works at the cafe downstairs.  I spent my day being quite productive, working under a deadline so I was pretty busy until now.  Other than work, I went to the gym with Amy so I’m feeling quite accomplished that I have met my goal.

I haven’t been blogging lately because not much is new.  I’ve been relaxing and catching up on sleep, after making multiple trips to SoCal in February.

Oh!  Actually one thing is new!  I’ve being working on doing daily headstands and I’ve actually recorded them!  I’m testing out my commitment level.  I really want to be able to do those really cool yoga positions and instagram them.

I’ll be balancing on my head tonight, that’s what I’ll do.  Ah, spending quality time with myself, reaching new lengths, pushing beyond what I’m physically used to.  Then I’ll chase my cat around and drive her nuts.

On another note, I read a really interesting article the other day about ENFP.  Sometimes when I ask myself what should I do, it becomes a very crippling question for someone like me who have at least 50 things I want to do.  So a really good way of figuring out the next “right” thing “to do”, should really be–

How do you want to feel right now?  What can you do to feel that right now?  And that can translate to– how do you want to feel in x years?  

Right now, I wanted to feel stimulated.  I wanted to get lost in writing, thoughts, feelings and create.  I want to inspire others.  I want to find beauty in the mundane, sunshine in the rain, energy in the midst of boredom.  

So here I am, writing.  Writing without a care for result.  Without a care about how many readers, followers or likers I will get for this post.  I’m just writing because it makes me happy.  

meeyore the cat
My kittycat says hi


4 thoughts on “Rainy Friday evening ramblings

  1. I want to visit SoCal with you! Great head stand, clearly you’re committed! I want you to teach me one day! Missing you. Xoxo

  2. I loved the way this post rambled about. This is how my mind works too! And I loved your advice about thinking about what do you want to do right now, not what should you do. Good luck with the head stands, I hated them when I was in gymnastics as a kid!

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