My thoughts on the movie 13 Hours


I’m returning from a relaxing 3 day weekend with a lot of stuff to write about! First, I saw the movie, 13 Hours: The Secret Solders of Benghazi. I totally loved it! It was my boyfriend’s pick but I’m beginning to enjoy this genre of movies. I usually don’t like graphic violence but this one was manageable. There is a beautiful Hemingway air to the soldiers’ emotions and vulnerabilities that moved me to tears.

Acting was amazing. You see some snippets of politics but this story isn’t really about Hilary Clinton and her decisions or lack thereof. While this isn’t a movie for one to debate over facts and politics, you really can experience the fear the soldiers must have gone through within those 13 hours. It was terrifying and I’ll leave it at that. The movie also briefly portrays the difficulties of getting military backup.

If you enjoyed American Sniper, you’ll definitely enjoy this one as well. Directed by Michael Bay, (who also directed the Transformers) this movie contains all the action you’d expected and more. I cried and there wasn’t even any cheesy romance, which I am quite happy about.

I left the theaters feeling so grateful of everything. (I know, so cheesy, haha) This movie put my trivial problems into perspective.

I would really like to educate myself more on this topic and I think every American should too. Any book recommendations on this particular topic of Middle Eastern conflict?

feel free to share your thoughts :)