My thoughts on Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (some spoilers)

This is a late post!

I saw Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation last weekend and I thought it was fantastic!  I am a big fan of this franchise because it’s an action series that I can understand without getting confused.  I really loved this plot!  I especially admire Tom Cruise’s acting and stunts.  Never once did I think it was fake throughout this movie.

I get confused easily when a movie has too many twists and surprises.  I really loved the scene when Ilsa presents Ethan with the 3 options towards the end.  It was a technique I learned in screen writing class.  The movie reaches a point where the audience knows the possibility of the different outcomes.  I thought it was genius that she presented those 3 options to the audience, giving Ethan a choice, THEN they added a twist and all the choices goes out the window!  It was really awesome!

I also loved the first airplane scene with “OPEN THE DOOR!! WRONG DOOR!!!”  That was so crazy and unexpected.  The slow timing of getting the door open despite the urgency of the situation was very fun to watch!

Ilsa, the female counterpart played by Rebecca Ferguson was so bad-ass!  She has her own agenda and it was inspiring to watch her carry out her plans.  She’s a force of her own who was able to adapt seamlessly into Ethan’s mission.

I also loved the scene when Alec Baldwin’s character shouts, “Ethan is the living manifestation of destiny” (something like that) I found that HILARIOUS because of how dramatic it was.  I love how dramatic this whole movie is and the characters’ lines are also reflections of that.

Everyone, go watch it!!!

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  1. I saw the very first one on Netflix. It was ok…not really something I would recommend. Maybe it keeps better. However, I did watch MI:4 and it was pretty cool even without watching the previous ones.

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