My thoughts on Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix

I started the Netflix documentary series, Chelsea Does…  beginning with her episode on marriage and I found her utterly annoying, rude and arrogant.  I think she’s a funny comedian, totally hot, totally admirable for being vulnerable.  Here’s what I think her problem is:

It’s not that men dislike or feel intimidated by successful, high earning income women.  And I’m not saying all successful women have this mentality.  Women who thinks they’re “crazier” than normal women.  I’m talking about the successful women who think they have so more much to offer that they expect a whole lot more in their partners. Whether it’s the man’s job, family, educational background, the wild love chase he gives– it needs to be the best because a successful woman has a mindset that she is one hell of a catch and a prize.  I get that, but I have to say it’s not that “less successful” women expect less either.

It’s true.  They are a good catch.  But so are ALL women in general.   Whether they have less income, less smarts, less beauty–all women are valuable.  So when “successful” women feel like “less successful”, “less complicated”, “less powerful”, “less independent”, “less crazy” and “simpler” women can get the guy, there is a certain stench to their mentality in a way that victimizes themselves for being “better” and above other women.  They probably think the “lesser” women are more submissive, eager to please, trying to play “cool girl”, easy, is how they get the guy.  And it sickens them to be like “those” women.  Yet she seeks relationship advice from exactly “those” women.  It’s quite condescending, I would have dumped her as a friend a long time ago.

Women like her put themselves on a freaking pedestal, so why shouldn’t her prospective mate?   Yet they believe they are “undate-able” and “not fit for marriage” because they’re too smart, too powerful, blah blah blah blah.

Yes she has a lot to offer, but with her mentality, she is really incapable of offering anything other than drama.

“Successful” women put themselves on a pedestal so high that they think guys should climb mountains to win them.  And when a decent self respecting guy doesn’t feel like climbing the mountains, they think something is must be internally wrong with themselves, because in their minds- how is he not crazy, obsessed with me, when I’m this awesome, with this much to offer?

While her journey to self discovery is admirable, it’s quite annoying for me to watch.  However, YOU should give it a try and let me know if you feel the same way.

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