The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5

I came across this book on Amazon- (it was free through kindle unlimited!)

The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5 by Taylor Pearson.  

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end of jobs

It’s a fantastic read.  I’m not being sponsored to write this, I’m writing because it’s what I like to do now, having a blog and all, haha.

Pearson starts off by explaining the historical events and technological developments throughout the course of human civilization and how humans have adapted accordingly to survive.  He discusses how we are conditioned to view “work” in the modern world.

He comes to a conclusion that the ideals our parents and previous generations have instilled in us–to find a good job at a good company for job security, higher education as a key to success– are no longer true.

That is because we are transitioning into a new era called Entrepreneurism.  Thanks to the internet, we all have access to knowledge and technology unlike ever before.  Entrepreneurship is the most valuable skill set anyone can acquire, it cannot be outsourced and nobody can take it away from you.  According to the author, we have more opportunities now than ever to pursue the lifestyle we want, to create value for society and meaning in our lives.

He really breaks it down for you, challenges you to think of possibilities other than a 9-5 lifestyle and offers steps you can take to achieve it.  Unfortunately, you still have to achieve it yourself.

The biggest takeaway for me was:

“Freedom and meaning aren’t something to put off until after you’re rich–they help you get rich”

“Great work- the kind of work that will create wealth in our lives and in the lives of others is not the product of obligation– is the product of freedom.”

So first, try to remember what freedom feels like.

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