My Pregnancy Skincare Routine

For those of you who don’t me personally, my first love was actually skin care products!!!

I’m currently approaching my 30 weeks of pregnancy and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments and questions about my skin.  Not to brag, but I do love my skin!  I’m blessed to not have acne or the “pregnancy mask” which is darkening of the skin.  However, I did have some dark dry patches around my mouth earlier in my 2nd trimester, but it went away after I switched to a new face wash!

I use these 2 products morning and evening.  It’s serious that simple!

My day+ night face cream and L’Occitane face wash

The face cream I ordered on amazon here.  I love how light and non-greasy it is.  It’s anti-aging, hydrating and it’s packed with vitamin C!  Vitamin C helps with hyper-pigmentation.   All the ingredients are natural too.

The L’Occitane face wash is veryyy fun to use.  It comes out like a foam/ shaving cream consistency.  You rub this onto your face while it is still dry and the mousse disappears into it and you rinse off.  It does not leave a soapy residue nor does it strip away moisture from your skin.  You can literally feel the difference in your skin right away– it makes my skin so soft.  I think this works best for dry-normal skin.  My fiance has oil skin and he didn’t like how this feels on him at all.   This product is totally safe for pregnancy.  A woman at Sephora recommended it to me and it really helped with the redness/ dark/ dry patches around my chin.

This is what I use to remove makeup- recommended by my favorite beauty guru- Estee Lalonde.  I just started this recently after finishing another Garnier makeup remover product.  I use a cotton pad and I wipe it all around my face.  It works quite well and I love how it’s not oily!

My makeup remover

Moving on to body care–

In the beginning of my 2nd trimester, I freaked out a little bit because I found a pink streak on my belly and I knew it was going to become my first stretch mark.   Before that mark appeared, I was only using the coconut oil once a day after I shower.  Right now, the pink streak had gone away because I used olive oil (the regular cooking kind) and sesame oil (also the cooking kind) for a whole week, multiple times a day.

So I decided to up my belly marinating game!  Now I use coconut oil + few drops of Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil when I wake up.  I would reapply either coconut or bio oil throughout the day whenever I remember.  In the evening, I use the sesame oil (no longer the cooking kind) and a few drops of vitamin E oil as well.

Occasionally, I would use this in the day when I feel like I have wayyy too much oil on haha!

I carry this little guy in my bag and if I remember, I would apply it in public bathrooms.  Yes, as you can see, I take this very seriously!


Lastly, this is a luxury, splurge item that I use just to feel like a million bucks 🙂 I spray this whenever I’m feeling hot or when I need a little extra energy.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading!  I’m opened to recommendations and suggestions!

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see see more beauty/ skincare posts.  I know a whole lot!





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