My first jazz concert experience

the stage
the magical stage

I let my body wiggle a little.  There’s nothing more beautiful than watching musicians enjoy the sound of their own music and people gathering to wiggle their bodies together.  It was an auditorium of pure happiness.  It was fun!

I especially love the sound of pianos, saxophones and violins.  I love how the piano makes me feel like I’m running a sprint.  I love the comforting, cushioning, seducing sound of the sax.  I love the dramatic flair, playfulness and quirkiness of the violins.  When played together, the music is like the best party on Earth and I can’t believe I got to be there!

It’s like watching a bunch of adults playing like they’re kids again, rocking out and jamming together.  They have no insecurities or worries.  Just them and their instrument.  Almost like they’re not human beings, just their souls, as if they’ve transcended from their physical bodies.   They look so happy, they are living their art.  And all I want to do is continue wiggling.

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