My current gym routine

Feel free to modify base on your strength level.  I do this about twice a week.  I modify based on how packed the gym is.  This one works out the whole body and spaces out the different muscle groups in between exercises so you can recover.


3 Sets:  Back row machine(12) + Walking Lunges (20 steps or so)

3 Sets:  Chest+ tricep machine (12)  +  Abs machine of your choice (12)

3 Sets:  Lats pull down machine (15) + Deadlifts (15)

3 Sets:  Leg press machine (15) (in 3rd set, do sumo squat) + bicep curls (12)

3 Sets: Pull up with assist (10)

1 set Squat Rack

3 Sets of inner thigh or adductor machine.

Head over to the mat area for some ab exercises




feel free to share your thoughts :)