My August 2015 Goal

So I read in a book that life is kind of like a GPS.  I can’t really ask google for directions or anyone for advice when I don’t have a starting point.


Imagine asking for directions when you have no destination or starting point?!

This month I want to work on finances.  I believe with a good daily habit, it can be done.

I don’t have a budget.  I just try to spend “less” than what I’m making and that’s very vague.  I really don’t know how much I’m really saving or spending.  It’s really whatever I want after I pay my bills.  It stresses me out that my finances are a blur to me.  It’s time for me to stop poking my head into the sand when it comes to this.  Last night I went through all of my accounts, debit and credit.  So Sunday night, instead of indulging in Netflix before bed, I created an excel sheet that will document my weekend spendings.

The Plan:

  • I want to save at least 1 whole paycheck, (I get paid biweekly).
  • I’m hoping the other one will cover all need expenses.  (rent, utilities, phone bill, groceries, food, entertainment, car)
  • I will designate a credit card for necessities (groceries)
  • Another credit card for wants/splurges.  (Limit this to x amount)
  • I think I will have another one for coffee+food.  (Also limit this to only x amount)
  • All expenses will be documented.  I will improve this system over time.

I don’t want to start with a template.  I will feel less motivated that way.  I think that is why Mint doesn’t work for me.  It needs to be my own creation first, I need to get my own system down.

Wanna do this together?

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