Morning struggles and what I’m going to do about it


I’m not going to give you advice you already know.  Instead, I’ll share my struggle.

We all know what we should be doing.  We all know 10 reasons we should be traveling, 15 reasons to be fearless, 50 things every 20-somethings should try before 30.  100 things successful people do.

Our hearts are begging us to act on it.  Our inner children are throwing tantrums.  After reading plethoras of self help articles, we feel a slightly bit more motivated but not enough to make changes, set new goals.  We resume our comfort routine.

My first struggle of the day is waking up.  I’ve always admired “morning” people.  People who wake up effortlessly and make their beds.  People who have time to brew themselves a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning newspaper.  Women who have time to properly put on make up, and even curl their hair.  People who can get a workout in.

Though my alarm is set at 6:30am, I don’t get up until 7:10am.  Sometimes even 7:15am.  And I’m out the door at 7:30am. That is quite embarrassing to admit but I can’t be the only one.

This week, I am all about waking up right.  I failed this morning, I woke up at 7:10am.  But I did improve my routine.  I picked out my clothes last night.  I also filled my water bottle the night before.  I have a granola bar and a banana ready.  I’d say that’s a huge improvement!

Tomorrow will a new day to try again.  Tomorrow I won’t snooze.  I’ll wake up and make time to leisurely put on makeup.  I’ll make time to pet my cat.  I’ll even take a picture of my cat and post it on my next blog.  I really want to make a proper breakfast.  I want to run along the coast in the picture below.

What’s your morning routine like?

feel free to share your thoughts :)