May this be the sign you need to rise

As a physical intuitive, I’ve been feeling a tremendous surge of energy of the universe at large lately.  The dominant message I am receiving is:

You are ready, come out of the closet

Whatever it is you’ve been thinking about doing or pursuing, I invite you to own up to your desire and trust in it 100%.

You will never be perfect or more ready as you are.  You have to embrace the fear in you.  The fear of wondering what people close to you will think.  The fear of being judged for your capabilities.  The fear of stepping into who you’re ready to become.  Find a way to let it go and treat yourself as your own best friend.  Be ready to let go of people because that’s  what happens when you shed.  Shedding the old is not easy and it will be painful, but you won’t know what is waiting for you until you do.  Give your people, your tribe the chance to find you and support you by coming out.  Whoever you want to be is who you are meant to be!  Whoever you are, whatever it is you want to pursue, let my blog be a safe place for you to express your desires and dreams.




feel free to share your thoughts :)