Weekend hike- Sweeney Ridge

I had an amazing weekend guys!  I went on a fabulous hike at Sweeney Ridge on Saturday with my new friend S.  She introduced me to two of her guy friends though I don’t think we’ll be any more than acquaintances.  Sweeney Ridge, located just 10 minutes away from my home is a steady incline with a fabulous lake view.  You can see the SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO sign on the hill, the airport and the foggy SF too.  It was where Portola discovered the San Francisco Bay Area and I took a picture of the stone that marks his discovery!  The incline was torturous, my glutes were on fire!  And they still are.  I’m slow, so it took over 2 hours for the round trip.  I saw a lot of doggies and friendly hikers who said Hi, good morning to me.  People here generally like their neighbors!

Portola stone
Portola Discovery Stone
View from the top of Sweeney Ridge
View from the top of Sweeney Ridge, San Bruno
Lake view on Sweeney Ridge, San Bruno
Lake view on Sweeney Ridge, San Bruno

I spent the rest of the day relaxing with F.  I came home and saw him working out topless, all sweaty and hardworking!  Then we binged watched Scandal on Netflix.  We also did laundry and a lot of cooking on Saturday and we shared a delicious mango on Sunday.  Mangoes are his favorite and he insisted on sharing half the last big piece even when I said he should have it.  Love is a simple gesture, I’ll try not to forget all the little gestures. 

feel free to share your thoughts :)