Lottery and Faith

My $4 gamble in the recent lottery craze has stirred a lot of emotions and thoughts in me.  The price we will pay for a little bit of hope just to have our dreams smacked in the face by cruel logic.  It only costs $2 to arouse the greed, disappointment, excitement, hopeful and denial that sleep inside us.  We justify our risks, rationalizing the irrational.  Oh, how we torture ourselves!  We have all purchased a ticket to envision a fantasy and it comes with a price of an emotional storm.  The hardest part is not losing our investment, it’s the fear of realizing we may never live the life of wealth and of our wildest dreams.

We pray to God.  We meditate hard on our numbers.  Like every other American, I lay awake in bed, full of energy thinking about the possibilities of $800,000,000.  What would I do if I won the jackpot?

How would I distribute my wealth?  How would I share with my family?  I would invest most and donate a good chunk of it to my alma mater to help students from low income families, children’s hospital, alzheimer research, charities to preserve indigenous lands, rainforests, build schools in third world countries.  Buy my dream house.  Buy my parents a condo in downtown NYC.  Then I thought about my siblings and friends.

Is it really wise to make it rain for everyone?

Then I decided, no.  It would ruin their life to be given everything they wanted.  They wouldn’t know how to sustain that lifestyle.  That is precisely how lottery winners lose their wealth because their mentality and approach to life isn’t at the level of what it needs to be to maintain their wealth.  Then it hit me.  Perhaps that is how God feel about me.

Instead of spoiling my siblings, I would invest in their education or business, whatever it’ll take for them to be able to create a life they want to live.  If my brothers know that they have me, a millionaire sister who would back them up, they should be able to freely pursue whatever their heart desires and be successful, right?  Is that not what God want for us too?

My God, your God, ALL Gods and religions should essentially function as this source of faith in our lives.  To know that we have a Heavenly Father who is loving and will assist us in times of difficulty.  By believing in God, we should all be able to freely pursue whatever our hearts desire and share our gifts to the world.

If you do not win, there is no need to feel like you’ll be forever in poverty.  It’s not that you didn’t pray hard enough.  Do not even for a second think you’ll be forever doomed.  We already have everything we need so have faith that there is much more wealth and happiness in store for all of us 🙂

Then again, best of luck for Wednesday’s drawing!  Instead of asking what would you do if you won the lottery–

What would you do if you know you’ll succeed at whatever it is you decide to do?





3 thoughts on “Lottery and Faith

  1. Great thoughts about this. I can’t help but feel sad about the lottery–wishing we could cut a little slice of the pie for everyone in financial hardship right now. Then again, it’s interesting to explore what we ourselves would do if we “won.” I like your idea of supporting people’s ability to achieve their goals, rather than buying everything for them. It’s the “teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” idea. Or, you can buy him a fishing rod! :p

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