Beginning to live minimally

I finished reading the book–

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.

Anddddd I want to share my tidying progress!  She suggests in the book that the only way to completely stay clutter free is to clean out EVERYTHING in one go!  Throw out stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore or give you joy.  With how little possessions I have, I still managed to clear out a garbage bag of clothes and bags.  You have to experience the perfection of a completely clutter-free home to feel motivated to maintain it.  So that means EVERYTHING- clothes, papers, secrets, dead bodies, books and all miscellaneous stuff.

I still have some stuff to go through, but I think I’m lacking storage more so than disposing things.  Look what I’ve done so far!  I’m super proud of this:

paper storage perfection

According to Kondo, do not stack papers because it’ll pile up and create clutter.  Best way is to let it hang loose 🙂  I bought the metal mesh file holder from The Container Store.

top: boyfriend's jeans bottom: my t shirts
top: boyfriend’s jeans
bottom: my t shirts

My bf is a natural neat freak, as you can tell by the way he treats his jeans.  He didn’t read the book, he has his own way of staying organized, which I truly admire.  We share a 9 cube storage shelf.  I put my clothes in drawer bins.  The book advised to not stack anything and to lay it this way because clothes (and all objects) should be treated as if they have spirits and feelings.  If you stack them, it’ll be a burden to the ones on the bottom and it’ll hurt their feelings.  Same for these guys:

my jeans. yes, these are the only ones I own.
my jeans. yes, these are the only ones I own- maybe 2 more in the laundry

We also have a small closet space for some clothes that need hanging.  Will post more pictures when I make more progress!  Let me know if there’s anywhere else you would like to see!  I will write about the things I said goodbye to in another post 🙂

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