Learning From My Pregnancy Symptoms- Metaphysical reasons

Hello friends!

I am currently in my 26th week of pregnancy, which is a little over 6 months, and approximately 2 weeks before I begin my third trimester.  To me, pregnancy is a highly spiritual time in my life because it’s a time of transition.  It’s a time to say goodbye to my maidenhood phase as I embark on the path of motherhood.  I want to write about a deeply personal topic about my symptoms and what I’ve learned about myself from them.  These are my own opinion, please take with a grain of salt.

Before I dive deeper, let me explain how I think the spirit and the body works.  What is Chakra?

The human body serves as a vessel for Source energy or your higher self, your spirit, God– whatever you prefer to call it.  All humans are essentially a whole universe within themselves.  The body is kept alive through the breath, or prana, also known as life force.  The human body has energy centers called chakra, (there are 7, other school of thoughts have 5) in which Source, or higher self flows into the body to sustain life.  When your chakra is “imbalanced” or “out of alignment” it means there is a restriction of spiritual energy flowing into that chakra due to your beliefs or ideas surrounding the aspects of that chakra, preventing you from being in your true power as an infinite being.  Yoga and meditation helps with opening of the chakras so that you can live a life that’s in alignment with your higher self.

I believe during this time, pregnant women are called to examine their unresolved emotions in regards to their sense of security and feminine energy, the root and sacral chakra.  I believe pregnancy symptoms all stem from metaphysical reasons, which is why it varies so much among women.

The root chakra represents security in one’s body and in the world.  It has to do with safety and feeling grounded.  It’s the chakra of having your basic needs fulfilled, such as food, water, shelter, sex, money and feeling supported by the world.  The root chakra is located at the  base of your spine, your hips, the all around girth of your pelvic area and extends to your legs and feet.  It serves as the foundation on which we build life.  Signs of root chakra imbalance is when you experience pain or any physical symptoms in those areas.

The sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra, where the womb is located, around the belly button.  It is the chakra of creativity and pleasure.  It’s the chakra of joy and sensuality.  It’s where sexual energy is born.  The sacral chakra is the definitive chakra for feminine power.  When a woman’s sacral chakra is in alignment, she is a walking, talking, breathing Goddess.  It’s the kind of female that oozes feminine appeal regardless of her appearance.  Do not be mistaken, some women are able to have total sex appeal and may appear to be feminine but are operating in a masculine state of dominance and control.  (3rd chakra in the belly is a masculine, sun energy of confidence and power).  When a woman’s sacral chakra is out of alignment, she is insecure, she has trouble entering and keeping relationships, she has wounds relating to sex and is emotionally unstable.  That was me.   That still is me, but I’m getting better.

It is impossible to be in alignment all the time.  There will be improvements with practice, whether it is yoga, meditation or dance (btw, dancing is awesome for the sacral chakra) but it is a lifelong process to understand your negative and restricting beliefs regarding every aspect of your life.  Understanding the chakra systems are helpful for you to learn more about your beliefs surrounding the aspects of that chakra.  Your body will let you know.

Finally getting on with pregnancy.  Every woman have different symptoms and even the same woman can have different symptoms depending on which pregnancy.  Let’s go through some of them.

Why do some women get stretch marks and others don’t?

stretch belly, stretch!

I wondered why some women have stretch marks and some don’t.  Women spend good money on products that promise no stretch marks and are devastated when they still get them.  People have said “it’s genetics.” I believe that is only half the story.  It’s the thought patterns and energies surrounding childbirth.  It’s the same feminine wounds passed down mother to daughter that are not resolved.   You inherit your beliefs from your parents and your heritage.

The skin is designed to stretch.  It has the capacity to stretch.  It is the resistance to the stretch that causes the violent streaks.  It’s the underlying fear of expansion, of your transition into motherhood that manifested itself in the physical form of stretch marks.  Don’t get me wrong, it is natural, some women happen to be luckier than others.  I happen to know a 42 year old Mom who just gave birth in February and she had no stretch marks!  She didn’t do much to prevent them, just the usual–stayed hydrated and used oil.  She didn’t think she was going to be a mother at that age, and yet she was, so she had no resistance to her stretching.  She welcomed it so much.

Staying hydrated helps flush out toxins, and what you do to your body, your spirit improves as well.  Giving your body loving oil massages helps you relax and soothes your skin into stretching freely.  At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with stretch marks, fear and resistance is natural.  I’m currently using fractionated coconut oil and I add a few drops of vitamin E oil.  I apply it multiple times a day.

On eating

Personally, I have a loss of appetite.  Food nourishment for the body.  Something about my emotional state is not feeling nourished and it is revealing itself to me in a loss of appetite.  Some women overeat as their way of handling unresolved  emotions.  For me,  I believe it comes from years of shoving my desires under the rug.  I have a fear of my desires.  My body is giving me a tantrum  by not wanting to eat because of all the times I ignored my own desire.  I did not nourish my desires and have thrown my own best interest under the bus.  I have a fear of pursuing things, of creating.  I deprived myself of excitement and joy often.  This is something I’m still working on.

Why do pregnant women get constipation and hemorrhoids?

I’ve struggled with constipation my whole life, sorry tmi!  And recently I’ve gotten hemorrhoids.  They’re awful.  More tmi,  hemorrhoids are swollen, blueberry sized lumps near the butthole.  I believe they appear when you have trouble letting go, which is essentially what your digestive system does.    It becomes painful to eliminate.  I need to learn to let go.  I think I’m making good progress with that.

Whenever I see something I dislike in my partner, I let it go.  I let go of idea that he needs to be a certain way.  Whenever I catch myself criticizing myself, I let it go and find a way to accept myself.  Whenever I find myself obsessing over something, I let that go as well.  There was a 2 week period when I was obsessed with stretch marks.  I let go of the idea that I’m not married and pregnant.  There was period when I was obsessed with engagement rings.  Finally, I let go of the idea that I wasn’t yet engaged (and viola, I got engaged!)  I let go of the idea that I’m not financially ready for a baby.  I let go of the idea that I need to get a stable job.  I let go of an idea that that person must be a bitch, for me to feel like I’m better.  I let go of victimhood.  In doing so, I reconnected with a dear friend.

I’m blessed that I am not suffering from acne. I think a lot of the pregnancy symptoms a woman experience is similar to those in her adolescence, when a woman enters her maidenhood.  I am blessed that I am gaining weight slowly and steadily.  I am blessed to have such a loving and caring partner with whom I feel completely safe and secure with.  I’m thinking back to all the times we fought about how I didn’t think he loved me.  Now I see so clearly how it’s my mentality at that time that’s preventing me from seeing his loving nature and receiving love from him.  I’m so blessed that I have wonderful friends whom I can turn to for support and to keep me company.

There is so much guilt involved in pregnancy when we compare ourselves to other moms,  about not being enough, not being a good mom, not eating healthy enough– I hope if you’re reading this, you’ll find compassion for all the beautiful, hormonal women out there just trying to bring a whole new human being into this world!

Thanks for reading!

feel free to share your thoughts :)