Last week of being 26 years old

It seems that we only see the happiest versions of people on social media.  Constant exposure to advice articles written by nobodies, amazing travel pictures, food, friendship goals, designer fashion, parties– may lead some to believe they’re not good enough. While I’m trying to keep journaling kind of entries off my blog to avoid “naval gazing,” I hope by sharing my inner struggles and private thoughts, I can inspire others to feel okay about themselves and that they’re not alone.

I’m currently listening to the audiobook, What I Know For Sure by Oprah and I’m really enjoying her teaching and wisdom.  After listening to her chapter on aging and intention.  I’m inspired to write down my thoughts and reflections.

I am turning 27 in exactly a week.

But ever since 2016 rolled around, probably even towards the end of 2015, I already began telling myself that I’m 27. Way to jump the gun.  Honestly, even at 25, I was already feeling a quarter century old.  Every time I find an idle moment to reflect on what I’m doing at this point in my life and what’s next for me, I panic a little because 27 is soooo close to 30.  Ahh! I have a wonderful job with excellent benefits but it’s not the career I dream of having, not living where I want to settle, not earning as much money as I would like…

Shut up, stupid mind screwing fear.  Aging is natural.

Today I’m 26.  Instead of feeling old, I hope by writing this, I will drill it in my brain that I’m as young as I’ll ever be!  26!  Fitter than I was at 22!  Barely any cellulite and stretch marks!  Boobs are still looking fine!  What a small, but cute, firm butt I have! I got smile lines because I’ve been so happy!  What aging?  I put on moisturizer and sunscreen everyday since I was 18!  Who is telling you these lies?  I’m a still an adult toddler.

Aside from appearances, I’m a totally decent human being with strong morals and character that would only improve with age and experiences.  The shit that stressed me when I was 22 or even 25 does not phase me now, like missing my train to go home, fights with my bf because I wanted to feel valued,  feeling rejected when I’m not invited to something.  I wouldn’t want to be my 24 or 25 year old self again.  I’m wiser today.

If I have to summarize being 26 in one sentence it would be:

26 is the age I finally stopped fighting everything I find wrong and inadequate about me and started filling myself with the love, understanding, compassion and respect that I give others and would want from others.  

So how am I celebrating?!  I don’t have plans on my actual birthday but I am so looking forward to this weekend, my LAST weekend as a 26 year old, because I’m going on an adventure!  An opportunity arise last minute and I’m flying down to San Diego alone!  I booked my flights, airbnb and car rental and I’m ready to take the wheels and see what the universe have in store for me. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Last week of being 26 years old

  1. I admire your optimism! It is inspiring to know there’s someone out there who is embracing her age and the opportunities that lie ahead instead of being weighed down by the pressure that age, simply a number, may bring. You go, girl!

  2. I read this post a couple of days ago and this is the first chance I’ve had to comment. I loved this!! Absolutely adored this post. This is such a great outlook and so inspiring! Thank you 🙂

  3. In exactly a week I turn 27. I thought a l last night about where I am and you know… I feel the same way. I have a home, a job with benefits, a beautiful daughter, boobs are looking okay still 🙂 ha, thanks for this post. Had a very “feel good” vibe and I loved reading it 🙂 Thanks!

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