January- planner goals accomplished!

Hi everyone,

Today is the first day of February!  (It’s my birthday month!)  I was looking at my planner last night and I’m so proud of myself for keeping this up for a whole month!

Yellow moleskin planner
Yellow makes me happy!
picture of weekly planner
a week in the life of @margecake

I admit I’m not the neatest but it’s definitely a start!  I have my daily tasks on the left, notes/ideas on the right.  I love the blank page to keep track of my weekly goals, accomplishments and what needs work.  I wrote the reflections at the end of the week.  I also tried keeping track of my daily spendings to be more mindful.  Cute dimsum sticker is by my extremely talented friend: @wontoninamillion  Her commitment to her creative endeavors is an inspiration to me!

For February…

  • I hope to keep this up
  • do more creative writing
  • start reading a new novel
  • write more workout plans and create a workout playlist

I hope this post inspires you to start keeping track of your daily/weekly goals as well!

feel free to share your thoughts :)