Inspired by my mornings

I wake up to the gentle nudge of my cat’s furry head.  I look at the glow-in-the-dark hands of my watch and it is only 3:30am.  Kitty’s hungry but I am not having it.  I stroke her soft body, attempting to send her a telepathic message that it is not time for breakfast.  She makes several more attempts by bumping the top of her head into my face and purring incessantly.  I ignore her.  I turn the other way towards my lover.  I drape my arm over his warm body and tuck us in a bit more into our blanket.  He acknowledges my gesture of love with a faint hmmm.  Finally, my stubborn cat gives up.  She nestles into the warmth of my back, pretty much taking over most of my side of the bed.  Sigh, I allow it.  Somehow I drift back to sleep.

She begins her purr again and this time it is 6:15am.  I open my eyes to a dim but beautiful light that is filtered through my sea-green colored curtains.  I love this time of morning.  The lighting of my bedroom makes me feel as if I’m a mermaid waking up under the sea.  Except that it’s warm and cozy.  I admire the atmosphere of my bedroom a minute longer, allowing my body to sink into the caress of my loving memory foam mattress, the fluff of my pillow, the snores of my lover, the gentle movement of baby in my belly and my cat’s impatient purr.  I make a conscious effort to feel grateful, to radiate gratitude out of my skin and pores.  And then it is time to feed her.

I swing my legs over my side of the bed and plant my feet on the carpet.  As I get up, I instinctively place my left hand on my growing pregnant belly to check its size.  My hand tells me, a firm bulge indeed, but still small.  I take a deep breath and stand a little taller for a slight stretch.  Ah, that feels good.  Kitty excitedly hops off the bed and walks under it, straight towards her bowl, while I walk around the bed over to the other side of the bedroom.  I open the lid of the container in which her food is stored and I scoop some food.  She anticipates the familiar sound of her dry food dropping into her metal bowl.  Clink, clink, clink.   And she digs in.

To be continued.

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