I’m a yoga teacher and I’m never going back to my old ways of living

Ahhh blog, so sorry I’ve been neglecting you!

As of yesterday, November 20, 2016, I am officially a certified yoga teacher!  For our final, we presented 2 yoga classes, each of us teaching a small section to each other and to teachers who have guided us throughout the journey.  We all did so amazing it was unbelievable. The energy that filled up the space was seriously magical.  I am going to remember this day for as long as I live.

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In more good news, I am going to be a group fitness instructor at Crunch!!!  The timing could not have been more perfect.  When I first moved here, I applied to a couple of gyms and I did not hear back.  I followed up numerous times and I finally just stopped trying so hard to MAKE things happen when it’s not within my control.

Then last week, I finally I heard back and I was invited to an audition.  I went into my audition last Thursday and…I GOT THE JOB!  I have an orientation to attend and I am expecting to start in January 🙂  They are still in the middle of scheduling their winter schedule for a couple of branches so it is not certain what classes and where I will be teaching yet.

I’ve been living in San Diego for 3 months now.  I approach every day with a curious heart for what it has in store for me.  Will I feel inspired to apply for a job? Will I feel inspired to write?  Will I feel inspired to start a business?  Will I feel inspired to read a book or watch tv?

I truly believe we can create our own reality through changing beliefs that no longer serve you.  In order to begin changing your beliefs, you need to quiet your mind enough to recognize what beliefs you’ve been living by.  Relax, have faith and believe things will come to you when the time is right.  That is not to say you do nothing, but you only take action when it feels good and when you feel inspired to.  When I start teaching yoga, this is what I would love to share with my students.

Through yoga, I will teach people to love each other in times of uncertainty.  Love yourself in uncertainty.  Love the infinite possibilities in uncertainty.  Stop trying to eliminate uncertainty in life and embrace it. Have so much faith and trust in your own ability that not knowing how is simply you not knowing how yet, and not a measure of your value, self worth or success.  You don’t need to know exactly HOW for every aspect in your life.  It’s crazy to have that expectation because everyone else seems to know.  How the society at large believes you should go after what you want and strive to be x, y, z and live life according to a carefully planned out life plan so that you can live life safely without fucking up is so so incredibly painful.

Through yoga and fitness, I want to empower people to trust their bodies, trust their emotions and intuition because that’s what yoga and fitness have done for me.  I can never go back to my old ways of living.

Completing yoga teacher training is a beginning.  It’s the end of a chapter but a beginning to a new one of infinite possibilities.  Thanks for reading!


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