I just took the AFAA group fitness instructor exam!

Do you know that feeling when you’re standing in the exact moment and location you’ve been planning for such a long time that you think “I can’t believe this is actually happening”?!  Like a vacation perhaps?  Most recently for me, it was the AFAA group fitness instructor certification exam this past Saturday.

The majority of the day was to review the material that will be on the exam.

This was the format of the exam:

1.  Warm up (3 Min)

3 moves (I did marching, marching with shoulder rolls, flat back reaching down movement)

2.  Cardio (4 min)

3 moves (jumping jacks, high knees, hamstring kicks)

3.  Post Cardio cool down (1 min)

3 moves (I repeated the warm up moves- tip: don’t do too much arms over head movements)

4.  10 muscle groups –exercise  & stretch demonstration (1.5 min each)

2 exercises + 1 stretch for each muscle group

5.  Independent exercise demonstration with 3 levels of progression (1 min)

I did the push up

6.  100 multiple choice questions (1 hr)

I was most nervous about the independent exercise demonstration and the multiple choice written exam.  I only had a month to study for this exam.  I studied about maybe 2 hours every week.  (I’ve been taking fitness classes for the past 2 years so I was confident I knew my exercises and muscles)  I mostly studied the joint and muscle movement terminology.  HUGE portion of the multiple choice exam had questions on that.

During the review in the first half of the day, I kept thinking about the exam.  And I’d get nervous.  Then I thought to myself: live in the present, when the exam comes, trust myself that I can do it.  

That memo to myself helped a lot.  The 10 muscle group exercises + stretch demonstration section was a breeze.  I kept calm and just did what I already know.  When it was my turn to do the independent exercise demonstration, I just lived in the moment.

You can only prepare so much, you can have a script memorized and you might not even be able to follow it.  You really just have to be confident and pretend like you’re really just showing a group of people how to do a pushup instead of thinking of it as an exam.  When it was over, it felt amazing.  Wow, I really did that!  It was over and I did it!   I have to wait 4-6 weeks for the results.

future kickass fitness instructor :p

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