I finished reading The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

quote from outlier


I purchased this book over the weekend because it was about time I started a new book!  I’ve read Gladwell’s The Tipping Point many years ago and I enjoyed it.  Malcolm Gladwell is a fantastic researcher and non fiction writer.  I find the topics of his research super interesting!

He writes about how the economy, histories, people and social energies work together to create culture, societies and ideas.  He explains how certain societal norms came to be and why economic outcomes are the way they are.  I love the collectiveness of his approach and connections he makes to help me understand how the world works.  It’s almost as if he is attempting to solve the mysteries of the universe without getting self-help-y and spiritual, and strictly basing his evidence on real stories, history and data.

The Outliers’s focus is on success stories.  He bashes a lot of myths about how people believe success is achieved, whether it’s genetics or luck, etc.  He looks at what “luck” really consists of.   He draws his conclusions from many case studies.  The book is broken into big commonly known factors of  success and zooms in on them.  He writes about hard work, conditions ideal for success, meaningful work, cultural conditioning and how nobody is ever “self-made”.   I highly recommend this book!

“Hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have meaning. Once it does, it becomes the kind of thing that makes you grab your wife around the waist and dance a jig. (150)”quote from outlier


This book was just what I needed to read to feel grounded in myself.  It helped me reflected on who I am and the histories, ideas and cultures that makes me me.  In a sense it really smashes horoscopes, personality tests and other self defining mechanisms to get to the core essence of what people are made of and how.  It helped me reframe all the opportunities I was given and the decisions I made within the social conditioning, time period and locations I live in.  It was so enlightening to hear about all the greatest success stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, retold as regular human beings.


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