How to smoothly avoid talking about having babies

My best childhood friend recently gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy and I cannot be more happy for her!

I cannot help but want one too, but only in the same way a child wants a new toy because her friend got one. Not because I really want to start a family or become a mother already.

Friends having babies is kind of an awkward topic to talk about for couples who are kind of that age but not exactly at that stage. Like me and my boyfriend. I showed my boyfriend the baby’s picture that night.

“Look babe, this is Joyce’s new baby.”

He peered over at my phone, “oh wow, already?”

“Yeah, crazy, right? Isn’t he so freaking adorable!?”

We looked at each other. He was trying to see if I really wanted him to answer.

*Quick! Change the topic before thinks I want one!*

“Wanna practice making one right now?” I asked.

“Sure!” was probably not what he said, but you can imagine the rest of the story, if you want to.

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