Halloween 2015

Hi everyone!

I spent my Halloween weekend in Los Angeles!  The bf and I drove down there Friday night to hang out with his buddies for Universal Studios Horror Night!!  I have no idea how he made me agree to this!

We didn’t want to exhaust ourselves with too much activities.  It was also scorching hot!

We started Saturday off at this incredible brunch spot called Guasti Homestyle Cafe in Chino.

Ham and eggs





Next was Griffith Observatory!

Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory
Incredible view
griffith observatory
The Hollywood sign–hehe kinda far

We had a lot of fun taking photos up here!

girl and marines
This is how I roll–with three former marines!
Then we went to a tacos joint and got margaritas!
Calle Tacos

Off we go to Universal City!!


First stop at Universal Studios was the Harry Potter store and I wanted to keep EVERYTHING!

me and pygmy puff!

Next was the Jabbawockeez!   THEY WERE SOOOO FREAKING GOOD!!!!

So excited!


they were so close to me!

After the show, the Horror Night began!! Scary people with masks chased after you with chainsaws and bats!!

We walked through a couple of mazes and I nearly died!!! Okay, I’m exaggerating, but my voice died!  I was too busy running away from scary things to take pictures!

Springfield, Universal Studios
Moe’s Tavern in Springfield!!

Selfie before the Transformer ride.  It was his favorite!

transformer ride
Transformer 3D ride

On Sunday before we headed back up, we stopped by Ocean Bo in Hacienda Heights for some amazing dim sum!  It was soooo good!


Bao shirt
Having bao in my bao tank! Designed my by talented friend

Get yours at wontoninamillion.com

so big and juicy!
sui mai was so juicy!

That’s all people!

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