A guy’s perspective when couples fight

So my biggest fan happens to be a male and was totally put off by my previous post and that is totally okay.  He dared me to write a dude version.

She’s got more issues than vogue.  (Just kidding.)

It’s an issue that chicks struggle with.  Something called insecurities.  I’m insecure too, but I don’t project them onto someone else.  They have to learn self love, confidence, picking the right battles, how to stop pushing buttons, letting go and stop being a petty basic bitch.

Stop fucking imagining problems.

Stop fucking pulling problems out of thin air.

I’m allowed to have my own opinions even if they disagree with yours.

I cannot make imaginary problems go away.  Yes I still love you so let’s just pretend this fight isn’t happening.  That is the most imagining I can do.  Take it or leave it.

My time is valuable and I choose to spend it with you.  Stop trying to make shopping fun, it’s not fun to walk around aimlessly, watching you touch everything, and how the hell am I supposed to help you pick something out when everything looks good on you and when it doesn’t, your feelings get hurt.  I do this shit with you anyways.

There, Mr. Kar Shing Lau.  That’s the dude version.

feel free to share your thoughts :)