Flying and Dancing // Commute Writings

I’m sitting on a train, looking out the window.

Grays.  Houses on hills.  Cars.

Then I see a flock of birds flying in circles in the air without a care, without a goal.

Can I do that?

When can I find that effortless action that is so naturally me?

If there’s an action, like flying that humans can do, what does that look like?

Walking? Running? Swimming? Singing? Dancing?

Dancing must be it!

Birds from above can see,

Ah!  Humans dancing in flocks without a care!  Can we do that?

Dancing as if it’s second nature, like breathing.

Birds don’t think about flying, why should we think about dancing?

We’re all just moving bodies.

4 thoughts on “Flying and Dancing // Commute Writings

  1. I dance when the mood takes, often quite a lot. I was once frowned at for doing such a thing. I was happy and so I danced. I was told it was inappropriate. At that point, I reassessed my need for their friendship. Great post.

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