First Week as a San Diegan!

Hello friends!

It has been a crazy fast week!  (not quite a week yet but close enough!)  I departed the Bay Area on Friday, August 19 and arrived in San Diego that evening after a 10 hour drive!  My boyfriend and I each drove our own cars and we managed to stay within close proximity throughout the entire trip.  We took turns leading the way, bypassing trucks, finding best path to get away from slow drivers on the road together.  It was super tiring but fun, exciting and dangerous!  I got so tired that I almost got into an accident, but I was okay!  I did give my boyfriend my heart attack who witnessed the whole thing.

When we finally arrived in San Diego, I felt so proud of myself for making it there.  It was my first time driving such a long distance in one go.  On our first night we had Korean BBQ at Manna BBQ.  It’s going to be our go to favorite, only $23 for all you can eat!

I have to say I was a little bit shocked by the drastic change of temperature upon arrival.  It was so hot down here!  I was disappointed at how stuffy the apartment was.  When I arrived home, my apartment was already a mess because my boyfriend had made a trip down here two weeks earlier with the big furniture and didn’t get to unpack anything.  But it was wayyy too late and I was too exhausted to clean so we just passed out.

The next few days were spent unpacking and rearranging furniture.  We got so much new stuff from Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.  It was fun!  We are literally 10 minutes away from everything!

Franklin and I got soooo good at compromising, splitting up the cleaning, unpacking and other moving nuisances.  My appreciation grew for him as I watched him unpack and clean the entire kitchen.  If I had done it, he would have taken everything out and rearranged it anyways… haha!  (I did line all the cabinets with contact paper though!)  I am so thankful for such a great partner.

Our apartment is perfect!  It fit our giant home gym, couch and tv.  We have a balcony that overlooks the outdoor pool and jacuzzi.  I even have a second bedroom that will be my meditation room.  My personal sanctuary.  We have a lot of natural lighting, which is something I’m thrilled about!  We got to take a late evening soak in our jacuzzi.  I got a little more used to the heat.  It does make waking up so much better because I wake up to sunshine and a warm breeze.  One thing I do not miss about the Bay Area was the freezing, overcast mornings!   Now I wake up slightly on the warmer side, but feeling completely euphoric.

Our place finally feels like home.  Well, there’s still more decorating to do, but that will take time.  Today, as Franklin and I were just sitting on the couch, sipping our favorite beer, listening to music with the occasional interruptions of loud splashes from the pool, we realized how this place was seriously meant for us.  It was never on the market, we called at the perfect time during our hunt and viola–it is ours. 🙂

Here are some pictures!

the best lighting ever
You can’t sit with us! Just kidding!
Manna BBQ in San Diego is an awesome spot!
What is life without kitty?
Daily views

thanks for reading!  Will keep you posted soon– now that I have internet and a lot of time on my hands!


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  1. AHHH! So happy for you! Your place looks amazing! I love natural sunlight as well. Is everything much cheaper? The bbq does look delicious. Give us a tour of your apt please!

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