Exploring San Francisco!

Hi everyone!

The Nike Run SF was on Sunday, Oct. 18th and I have a friend in town from New York!  (No, I did not run.) I spent Saturday her.  She is one of my closest friends, we went to college together, so I was more excited than usual!  She introduced me to two of her friends and one of them is a new transplant here!  (yay to new friendships!)  We went to the Farmer’s market by the Ferry Building, Twin Peaks, Land’s End, Golden Gate Bridge and DeYoung Museum.  Yes we did all that in one day!  Then we had dinner at Izakaya Sozai, a highly rated Japanese restaurant near Golden Gate Park and they did not disappoint!

girls at twin peaks
At twin peaks! Even though it was foggy, it cleared up a little later! We had a great time taking pictures up here!


me and franklin at golden gate bridge
We can never take too many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge!


group selfie at golden gate bridge
My boyfriend is the best! He spent the whole day with me and my girlfriends because I’m not a very good driver, especially not with the hills. He had a great time too!


Land's End
Land’s End is a great spot for an amazing view and short little hike!


My favorite part of the day was the de young museum because that was the only place I haven’t gone yet.  It was free admission day too!  I love looking at paintings and ancient sculptures!

de young pond
Pond outside de young museum

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