Exciting news…

…….I’m pregnant!

Today, I am at Week 18, still early in my second trimester.  Franklin and I are super excited and cannot wait to welcome our baby into the world.  It was unplanned and I had gotten pregnant during yoga teacher training.  It must have been all the yoga and meditation that made my body super fertile, haha!  I’ve been MIA because any kind of blogging without writing about my pregnancy would make me feel like I’m being inauthentic so I have just been journaling quietly.

It was only a week ago that I told my own parents!  I visited New York City from January 19-31.  I have to say it was one of my most favorite visits back home so far.

My trip to New York City began with me attending my Grandpa’s funeral.  While I was sad to see him go, I know he’s lived a long fulfilling life.  He was so active in his retirement and senior citizen community and so many of his friends came to say goodbye to him.  I have so many happy childhood memories with my Grandpa.  He taught me how to ride a bike and I accompanied him to his Tai-Chi practices at the park.  He was so proud of my Chinese and my interest in Chinese history, philosophies and Buddhism.  I believe I am very much like him.  He loved debates and talking about all things humanity, morals and what it means to be a good person.  I believe life doesn’t end at death.  I know his spirit is ready for further expansion and his physical vessel have provided him with as much experiences as it possibly can in this life.  He had four children and seven grandchildren to send him on into the afterlife.  Little did he know, he had a little surprise great grandchild sending him off too.

RIP Grandpa

Franklin will arrive in NYC a little later so I spent a lot of time with family and friends, and I told my best friends individually about my pregnancy.  I’m so blessed to have girlfriends like Joyce, Emily, Vicky, Jenny, Ayuko, Ran Dan, Lisa who were so supportive and unconditionally loving towards me without any judgements.  You all make such a huge difference in my life!  I feel like I can be vulnerable and share my deepest fears with all of you and know you’ll receive me as I am.

I waited for Franklin to arrive in NYC for us to tell our parents the news.  On Wednesday, January 25, he told my parents over dim sum!  My entire family was present, including my parents, three younger siblings and my cousin, who is basically like my brother.  All the kids were talking to themselves while my parents ate slowly.  Franklin and I were waiting for a good time to tell them but it did not seem to be happening.  The entire time I was just squeezing his thigh under the table to tell him to tell them and he’s like, there’s no opening!

Knowing how nosy my mom is, I invited her to ask us all the questions she wanted to know.  Her face lit up.  “Really?” she asked, “I can really ask you guys ANYTHING?” We told her yes and the first question was, “When are you going to get married?”

Franklin and I exchanged looks and I let him take the lead.  He said, “Soon, very soon.. because we’re expecting a baby in July!”

My Dad could not hide his joy and excitement.  He extended his hands out to shake Franklin’s hand.  My Mom was just in shocked. Then she smiled and also shook Franklin’s hand.  Franklin and I looked at each other and I felt a huge relief.  Franklin was so happy that my Dad was happy.  I think that was his only concern.

Meanwhile, my sister who sat next to me kept asking me if it was true, am I lying, is this a joke, are we for real?  I told her she’s going to be an aunt!!!  I pulled out the ultrasound photo to show them all.

This was taken around week 7.  10 weeks ago!  He/she is the size of a gummy bear here 🙂

Jacky, my brother, was the only one who knew about my secret was very happy as well and congratulate us.  Aaron, my other brother and Bill, my cousin was also super surprised to hear the news.  Aaron felt bad that I had to sleep on the top bunk bed for the past few days, he said he would’ve let me sleep on the bottom so I didn’t have to climb up and down so often.

My Dad began to retell the stories of my Mom’s pregnancies of all four of us.  Franklin told me later that my dad must have really loved all of us to remember so clearly about the length of labor, the food my mom craved, etc.  They went on to telling me what to avoid, such as jumping, running, watermelons, lambs, frogs, cold beverages.  My Mom even said, “Try to smile more, be happy,” which I found freaking hilarious because that’s what I’ve been trying to tell her this whole time!

I’m beyond happy to know that I have the blessings of my parents.  I was super worried about what they might think considering I am not married yet and they’re traditional Chinese parents.  But they were both super happy and that is all that matters. Later that night he told his family and they were also happy for us. 🙂

We’re not sure when we’re getting married or if we’re going to have a ceremony/ wedding.  But we will definitely do a 100 day celebration for baby when he/she arrives in New York City so our families can meet him/ her.  We will find out the gender next week.  I have yet to share on social media, so if you’re a personal friend reader of mine, please don’t mention it yet!

I was pretty much super spoiled for the remainder of my stay in NYC.  Franklin and I spent Chinese New Year, January 28th, engagement ring shopping in Chinatown!  It was super unexpected and it was seriously one of the best days of my life.  We didn’t buy anything, he just wanted to get an idea of what I like and I just wanted to try on a bunch of diamonds!  We also went to a local wedding studio to ask how much wedding photos would cost.  I wanted to take them before I got any bigger and I just don’t think it’ll be the same taking wedding photos after the baby is born. So on our last day in New York City, we got them done and I cannot be happier!  I really felt like it was my wedding day. Here are some behind the scenes photos:


trying wedding dresses!
another one!
I went with this one!
Us in traditional Chinese gowns 🙂

This concludes this post!  Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!  Do you guys want to see the final wedding photos?  Let me know and I’ll think about sharing some in my next post!



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  1. Oh My Goodness!! Congratulations to you both, your photos are so lovely. And the way you write is beautiful. What a surprise, soo many life changes for you. 2017, will be a fantastic year full of blessings!!💜💜

  2. You’re truly blessed! I’m so happy for you and I can’t to see you, Franklin, and the baby in person this year. Muahs! Sending positive energy and love your way from the east coast in Little Rhody.

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