What it means to create your own reality

This is my understanding of how you create your reality using the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is NOT as simple as controlling your thoughts to attract the things you want in your life.  That is a juvenile understanding.  To go about life denying your thoughts and beliefs because they’re “negative” is futile.  Your beliefs are engrained in you, (like literally your physical body) and a lot of your behaviors and reactions are unconscious.

Many people who have watched the documentary, “The Secret” started to believe that they can control their thoughts to create their reality, as if they haven’t been doing it all along.  The first awakening is to realize that you DO create your own reality,  but now you’re just conscious of it.  You can manifest your desires into reality.  That is the whole point in life, to follow your desires to be happy.  It’s not about figuring out your whole journey and then take action.  That is super limiting and you’re under the assumption your desires will never change and everything will actually go according to plan.  Do not readily take advice from people or fall into the cultural norm and accept “reality” because that is their perception, their beliefs, their reality.

Everything has an energetic vibration.  Locations, (countries, states, neighborhoods, communities), groups of people, objects, animals, literally everything.  Every person has an energetic vibration.  That is now you “know” or “feel” someone to be who they are.  It’s like their energetic flavor (to you.)  It’s like their signature aura.  However, people are always changing, fluctuating between the dualities of life and their emotional spectrum.  So it’s more like every person has a multiplicity of vibrations.  Nobody is ever stagnant, no matter how much you want to resist change, you will have more desires.  (That is not a bad thing, following your desire brings about your expansion, it’s your resistance to your desires that causes you suffering.)


There is so much complexity in personalities that within the same person, conflicting thoughts and beliefs and values may coexist and collide with each other.   Each person is a universe within themselves.  Within each body are all the stars, planets and galaxies, gods and goddesses.  This is a lifelong practice, to strip old beliefs, return to your true nature, marry the dualities of the self and be unconditionally loving.

Thoughts are energetic vibrations.  You can try to pick positive thoughts throughout the day but unless you change your subconscious beliefs, (which is the result of your childhood upbringing, trauma and wounds) you cannot simply lie to yourself by thinking more positive thoughts.  You cannot stay in denial for long.  How a person generally “vibe” is a habit of all the thoughts and beliefs, whether they are conscious or subconscious.  But it almost doesn’t matter what your thoughts are.  Thoughts will attract the next thought.  It’s all about your energy in a given moment.  You can come back to your center and simply observe.  The moment you do that, your energy have shifted.   The thoughts are irrelevant.  However, you can capitalize on good thoughts and generate inspiration and radiate that kind of positive energy.  You are literally the creator of your reality and the more tools you know, the better creator you can become. 🙂


A better way to understand the law of attraction is to understand that the external world in which we live in, all the people and experiences we encounter in the world are a reflection of our current energetic vibration.   We can observe all of the negative thoughts that arise without believing it to be true.  It is a valid thought but it is more valuable to figure out what belief about this person or situation that is causing you to attract a negative emotion, rather than to assign that meaning of the experience to be true.  How you feel through the interactions with others or experiences is the universe’s way make you learn.  It’s like a mirror.  This is your current vibration right now and it is always accurate.  Your emotions are your guidance system.  Instead of trying to change the reflection in the mirror (external), you’ll realize it’s much smarter to see what it is in yourself that’s causing that reflection.  (Not to say you are to be blamed for it, the goal is to become conscious of it.) Everything you experience up to this moment in your life is a reflection of you past energetic vibrations.  The future is literally created based on your energy, moment by moment, and anything is possible.

Everyone has a point of attraction about every subject in life.  Relationships, friendships, money, career, etc.  Some people may have a better outlook on relationships than others and can easily attract great partners.  (That is not to say there is no improvement or that person is better.  No matter how great the partner is, there is always room for expansion.  Don’t trust people who say they have no relationship issues, they’re just not telling you.)  Some people have a much easier time finding jobs and attracting opportunities because their beliefs and thought patterns regarding that subject is more pure, open and allowing.

To really use the law of attraction to your advantage, you have to figure out your subconscious beliefs and quit blaming the world because you didn’t like what you saw.  The meaning you assigned to what you dislike is your perception and it will continue to be so until you detach. The fastest way to understand yourself is to use the relationships in your life to see what the universe mirrors back to you.  If time and time again you go through the same problems in relationship, that is because you have a core belief about yourself that you need to learn.  Until you learn it, it will only happen again and again, even if you think it’s your partner’s fault, you’ll experience the exact same “signature” negative feelings in in your next partner.  Trust me on this, haha.

You will realize in time that the more loving you are to yourself by discarding beliefs that no longer serve you, the more understanding and accepting of yourself, the more you’re going to want to plant your own garden, build your kingdom and grow your own confidence.  That is when the universe can bring you everything you desire because that is your reflection the energy you’ll be vibrating at.


Let me know if you would like me to expand on this further!  Ask me anything in the comments!

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