April 2017 Full Moon in Libra Ceremony

In a previous post, I mentioned that a few days before my engagement,  I bought a ring for myself on etsy to remind myself to seek my inner being, my own love, understanding and compassion.  Engraved on the inside of this gift to myself is, “seek me, my love.”

It finally came in the mail and the timing could not be more auspicious!  April’s full moon is tomorrow, April 11th, in the sign of Libra.  Libra is the sign of beauty, harmony and relationships, ruled by the planet Venus.  Relationships serve to mirror one’s emotional state and one’s own relationship with the self.  There is no point in blaming your partner for anything or trying to change him/her, but rather to use relationships to cultivate acceptance and self love.  Every trigger is an opportunity to integrate, to realize another false belief that is causing you pain.  Every trigger is a calling for you to see where you have given your power away.  This full moon in libra teaches you to look internally so that you can manifest more harmony in your relationships.  The rings may represent my commitment to my partner, but it is ultimately a commitment to the love of myself.  Only by loving and accepting myself, that I find compassion for his flaws and see into his higher self.

Coincidentally I spent the past weekend at a workshop with renowned Tantric Yoga and Sanskrit scholar, Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis.  It was an intense group healing workshop as he led kirtans and gave us the blessing of a living mantra.  Transmission of a living mantra may only be given by a teacher to student.  Successful transmission is not guaranteed. The teacher chanting the mantra at a given time may or may not resonate with the student.  For me, it clicked and I knew it when my spine started to sway to the beat of the mantra.  It is mine.  I experienced a new level of understanding and consciousness after my 7 hour journey with him.  The transformation was so immediate for me that I couldn’t go to Sunday’s session.   I had to sit at home to integrate.  You may find his website here, if you’re interested in his teachings.  You can find audios of his workshops and free downloads of his guided meditations.

Back to the full moon ring ceremony…

Tonight, I excitedly prepared a ceremony for my rings.  I placed the ring I bought for myself, as well as my wedding bands (not married yet, but I have the bands!) right by my balcony door, under the moonlight.

Rings under the moon.

I set the intention of being whole.  To get to know myself, not the self image of the self formed by the ego, but my true self, but the flavor of love that makes me me . . .  To release all the stories I tell myself in order to seek love, and instead seek the divinity and to embody Her, Shakti, divine feminine power.

Then I sang my new mantra:

Jaya Shiva shinkara

Bom bom hara hara

Hara hara, hara hara

Bom bom hara hara

I felt tingling in my face and I know my intention will come to fruition.  Ever since I’ve embarked on this spiritual path, I get ringing in my ears and tingling sensations in my face.

Ceremony and rituals are so important yet so underrated in today’s modern society.  Having a ritual associated with nature can help you reconnect with the nature that is within you.  I invite you to sit where you can see the moon and set an intention of a feeling (abundance, love, acceptance, compassion, being enough, etc.)  and cultivate that feeling with every inhalation and exhalation, expand that feeling from your heart into the rest of your body.  You do not need a Sanskrit mantra, feel free to use any affirmation that resonates with you.  Before I received this mantra, mine was, “Everything I am, I love.  Everything I have, I love.”

If you have a sacred object that you would like to bless, put it by the window so that it can absorb the healing energies of the moon.  From taking a relaxing bath or giving yourself an evening oil massage, making a ritual out of self loving acts is the best thing you can do to get to know yourself intimately and watch your external relationships becoming so much more loving as they begin to reflect your improved emotional state.  Create something sacred for yourself because you’re beautiful and you’re worth it.  May you take the time during this full moon to fall a bit deeper in love with yourself.

My precious





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