My fitness journey and reflections as a group fitness teacher

Aside from my meet-up group in which I teach group exercise at the beach, I landed my first paid group fitness teaching job at Crunch.  I do not make much but I’m not really doing it for the money, I’m doing it for the experience of my own expansion, to be a teacher, a leader Read More


Inspired by my mornings

I wake up to the gentle nudge of my cat’s furry head.  I look at the glow-in-the-dark hands of my watch and it is only 3:30am.  Kitty’s hungry but I am not having it.  I stroke her soft body, attempting to send her a telepathic message that it is not time for breakfast.  She makes Read More

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Exciting news…

…….I’m pregnant! Today, I am at Week 18, still early in my second trimester.  Franklin and I are super excited and cannot wait to welcome our baby into the world.  It was unplanned and I had gotten pregnant during yoga teacher training.  It must have been all the yoga and meditation that made my body Read More